Course / Workshop Outline Duration Days Purpose / Objective of Course
The Sales Guru 2 Designed to train participants in positive attitude and selling strategies. This workshop is customized to the industry product with five steps of selling. Selling is the transfer of enthusiasm.
The Excellent Manager 2 Course trains the present and potential managers in the best managerial practices of today. Delegation, Empowerment, Appreciation, Encouraging the subordinates, Hiring techniques, Decision Making are few of the subjects discussed in depth. Mistakes made by managers are explored. This course is highly effective and recommended very strongly.
The Power of Positive Attitude 1 Attitude is developed over time with practice and dedication. This quality is extremely important for leaders, managers, salesmen and customer service representatives. Qualities of a positive person are discussed in depth. Importance of tolerance is communicated to the participants. Using this quality, employees will further improve thei r performance and the envi ronment in the corporate world. Ways are discussed to achieve peace of mind.
Emotional Intelligence 2 Workshop proves to the delegates that 85% of success at work is associated with the emotional intelligence of a person. Emotional Intelligence or EQ means how does a person control his emotions to deal with himsel f and others. Self awareness and cont rol, empathy, Social Expertness, Personal Influence, Mastery of Vision are the main pillars of EQ.
Develop Confidence in Communication 1 This course discusses the strategies used by great communicators. 55% of communication is reflected by Body Language, 38% is reflected by the voice tone, 7% through the words. Trust is developed by listening. Seven steps to improve your listening are discussed. 12 body language styles are demonstrated and explored. Positive words and negative words are compared. This workshop is very important for customer
Mastering Customer Service 2 This workshop inspi res the delegates to believe in contributing and helping other human beings in their lives. How can we be genui nely i nterested i n our c ustomer s ? How c an w e smil e which does not seem fake? How can we influence our customers? What are the strategies used to provide excellent customer
Dealing with People 1 This course focuses on stress management, anger management, conflict resolution, understanding human behavior, what does a human desire and reading body language.
Train the trainer 3 This mature workshop is for team leaders, potential trainers and inspirational speakers to develop into a much higher level of training. Strategies for conducting workshops with games, activities and role plays are discussed. Participants are taught to be creative in coming up with multiple games. Control is given to them on their communication style
Inspirational Speaking for Team Leaders 1 This is a new workshop customized to develop inspiration and charisma in team leaders. This workshop is for senior and middle tier managers who lead two or more people. Focus is on
Law of Attraction and developing people through coaching.
Lead the Leaders 2 Tactical level (middle management )workshop focusing on intra & inter personal awareness with new technology of bringing out best in people and leading them for higher achievement.
Personal Excellence Drive 1 Unlocking personal barriers to enjoy freedom of achieving higher grounds
Communication Winners 2 Incorporated to discuss the essentialities of written, verbal, nonverbal and psychological aspects of powerful communicators